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Most certainly yes! In fact, the flip side is: if you have NOT attended an accredited criminal justice program then the degree you have got after spending a good deal of money and effort is most likely a worthless piece of paper. It is from some ?diploma mill? or the other that employers simply don?t recognize.
Attending an accredited criminal justice program is very important. That?s why it is perhaps, the most important thing to check when deciding which criminal justice program to attend. You have to find out whether your school and program is an accredited one or not.
The question is actually deeper than that. You should check whether the criminal justice school you are attending is accredited by one of the eight bodies recognized and authorized by the US Department of Education to do this job. Many schools are accredited by other bodies, but those accreditations are as good as non-accreditations. They are not recognized by employers.
Ultimately, a degree is only as good as the job that it can get you. If employers do not recognize the degree you have then that degree is worthless to you. It cannot get you any job ? good, bad or ugly ? period. And, if you don?t have any job, there?s no question of a better job ? right?
For example, you may get a high-sounding degree from some unknown university accredited by an equally unknown accrediting body. Perhaps, even a PhD in criminal justice management, whatever that may mean! To most employers such a degree is nothing but a piece of worthless paper.
Accreditation is therefore, important. Accreditation guarantees that the school you are attending has been peer reviewed through site visits by a body authorized and recognized by the US federal government to do so. A properly accredited school therefore guarantees a certain minimum standard of education.
Employers too know that. So, when they see you have attended an accredited school they already know that your degree guarantees that you have a certain minimum skill and knowledge set. They are assured of that and your degree is meaningful to them.
A degree from a school not having proper accreditation is, on the other hand, a meaningless document to employers. It doesn?t guarantee that you know or have a certain minimum knowledge or skill set. Neither do they have the time to go and find out how great your school is although it never felt it necessary to get accredited by bodies that matter.
Bottom line: Don?t even think of attending a non-accredited criminal justice program because the degree that you will earn will be worthless. When you apply for jobs your resume will head for the dustbin rather than the ?selected? tray!


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