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Almost all accredited for-profit private colleges offering online degrees in criminal justice have good placement services. Although it is very difficult to say which offers the best, some of the colleges that have a good placement record and reputation are University of Phoenix, Kaplan University, Bakers College, Ellis College, Capella University, Florida Metropolitan University, and American Intercontinental University to name a few.
But the point really is that if you are going for an online degree it is more than likely that you are already employed somewhere. So, for those seeking online degrees, which college offers the best placement service should hardly be an important factor in deciding which college to choose for one?s online degree. This issue may be important to traditional students who will complete a degree and then think of placement but for non-traditional students who are already employed which college offers the best placement services should not be an important consideration at all.
But when you are researching the issue which college is best for you please do try to find out the kind of placement services any college or university has. Ask for their placement record and ask for the names and contact numbers of a few alumni who have passed out of that college, get in touch with them and make a determination as to who of these alumni are happy and who are not. Talking to alumni before joining a particular college is therefore always very important.
Also make it a point to check with your target employers. For example, if you are keen on a job with the FBI do try to get in touch with them and find out what they think of degrees from a college that you are keen to join. The online college degree market ? yes, that?s right ? it?s a market just like any other. As a consumer you have to find out about various products before you buy any. That minimum market research is must if you want a bargain or more importantly if you don?t want to find yourself short-changed or a victim of fraudulent marketing tactics that many colleges offering online degrees have gained a reputation for.

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