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If you are interested in pursuing a criminal justice degree with a specific focus, you have to first know the various types of degrees available.
Within the broad field of criminal justice you can get degrees in various specific fields. Some of these fields are: Corrections, Court Reporting, Crime Scene Investigation, Criminal Justice administration, homeland security, Economic Crimes, Forensic sciences, Law, Law Enforcement, Legal Studies, Paralegal & Legal Assistant, Public Safety Management and Security & Loss Prevention.
You should collect information about the various online degrees being offered by various schools and pick the one you find most suitable. Following is a list of some of the more important types of criminal justice degrees available:
? Degrees in Criminal Justice
These degrees prepare students for a career in law and criminal justice:
Justice administration
Legal services
Court reporting
? Degrees in Law Enforcement
These degrees prepare students for careers in policing and investigation:
Crime scene investigations
Law enforcement
Legal services
Paralegal & legal assistant
? Degrees in Correction Management
Prepares students in the management of prisons and other correctional institutions
Correctional management and administration
Urban management and administration of probation and parole
Probation and parole
? Degrees in Security Management
These degrees prepare students for managing the security needs of corporate and public institutions.
Technical systems and planning management
Corporate security management
Corporate crime prevention
Assets protection management
Administrative law
Homeland security
? Degrees in Juvenile Justice
These degrees prepare students for careers dealing with juveniles.
Urban juvenile justice
Juvenile counseling theories
? Degrees in Economic Crime
These degrees prepare students for careers dealing with economic crime and fraud.
Economic crime management
Fraud management
Forensic accounting
Economic crime investigation
? Degrees in Public Safety Management
These degrees prepare students for careers dealing with public safety.
Emergency response policy
Public safety management


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