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Many cities have parent co-ops to help share resources. Check with your local library to see where and when your local home schooling group meets. Sharing books and resources with other parents is an excellent, low cost option.
What if your child is smarter than you?
It?s a scary thought, isn?t it? But don?t feel bad ? be proud of the great job that you?ve done so far. A great resource of your ?advanced student? is to tap into the online home schooling resources. There are curriculums that can be purchased and completed online. Some will provide textbooks as well as standard home schooling products. Another option is to take classes that can be held in a virtual classroom, students can use a web cam to participate or they can simply use lecture based courses online.
Should you consider public or private school instead?
Many parents feel that during the high school years, education at home is too difficult. They consider sending their child to public high school. But, this can be a difficult and troublesome transition for your teenager. The environment in a public high school can be anything but rewarding or inviting to a child who has been home schooled up until now. A private school may be better, but still has draw backs including cost. There are still the problems with your child being ?the new kid? at school. New friends, new teachers, new expectations are all anxiety producing for your child.
What else can I do?
If you feel over-whelmed about home schooling your senior high school student and don?t want to consider public or private high school ? what else can you do? Consider your network of fellow parents who home school. What are you best at? What are their strengths? There may be a way to trade skills with other parents. A parent who has skills and interests in high school educating may be willing to teach your child along with their child in trade for you teaching one of their children who is younger. The double bonus here is added socialization for both high school students.
Post Secondary Option
Another resource for your ?advanced student? is the post secondary option at your local college or junior college. This has great advantages for both you and your student. Your child won?t be branded as ?the new kid? ? everyone at college is new. Many times you don?t pay college tuition for the classes that your child takes. Your child receives high school credit and enjoys the socialization and mental stimulation that advanced classes can bring. It?s a win ? win for both of you!
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